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Magazine Design | Logo Redesign

The Popular Science magazine is a widely known magazine that provides people with information about current things in the science world. Science is one thing that effects us even if we do not know it. Whether it is learning about blackholes or finding out things about COVID 19, Popular Science informs people of things that people need to know. This is the Popular Science magazine with the layout design in mind. The logo has also been redesigned.


*Disclaimer— this is student work and is not associated, sponsored or endorsed by Popular Science.

Global Warming

Global warming is a major issue for everyone, not just a specific state, country, continent or group of people. Global warming is the cause of many ecosystems' destruction. Humans are the source to the Earth's temperature rising. Animals like the polar bears and penguins are losing their homes due to the ice melting. The main article is the “Global Warming: Past, Present & Future” with a cover and spreads for that article. Take a look!

Addressing Current Issues & Events

Popular Science addresses the current issues and events taking place in the world. Therefore, there are two other covers for the Popular Science to show a continuation of the magazine issues. One is about a blackhole that was discovered and the other is about Covid 19 and the heroes who are working to fight it.

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