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Galaxy Crocs

Package Design | Motion Graphics

Crocs is a brand that everyone knows very well. You either love them or you hate them. However, Crocs remains a popular shoe brand that prides itself in making comfortable shoes that can match your personality and style. One way that they do this is through their Jibbitz that can be used to spell out certain things, show your interests and more. Another way is through their colors and designs.


Crocs has plain shoes with different colors, shoes with floral prints, they even have shoes with different foods on them. Their shoes are out of this world. Speaking of out of this world, they have galaxy themed Crocs. This project is a campaign dedicated specifically for the galaxy themed Crocs.

*Disclaimer— this is student work and is not endorsed, sponsored or associated with Crocs. 

The Box

When someone buys Crocs, they are given a bag to take their shoes home. When at their destination, people throw their bags in the trash and forget all about it. Jibbitz, are also thrown in the bag or are placed on a piece of cardboard then thrown in the bag. Thus the bag and the cardboard are both is being discarded. 

This box is a memorable solution that will encourage people to keep their box. As stated before, Crocs prides themselves on being customized to your specific style. A way to keep that same customization and uniqueness is by creating a box based on a coloring book. This allows the customers to color it whatever they want and will make them want to keep it.


The theme of the box is space to match the edition of the Crocs. Each side of the box has illustrations. To solve the problem of storing the Jibbitz, the box has a smaller drawer your can put them in. The small drawer also has illustrations on it to keep the consistency. This is a fun box for anyone, no matter their age.


One way to attract attention to the Galaxy Crocs is to create a commercial for it. This commercial continues the design of the box and shows an alien coming to Earth to deliver the Galaxy Crocs.

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