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Nat Geo Expeditions

Ad Campaign | Print Design

People love to explore the world and see new things. Everyone has a place that they have always wanted to visit or cross off of their bucket list. These places offer different adventures such as hiking, riding a camel or camping in the woods. These expeditions National Geographic Expeditions strives to help give people these once in a lifetime experiences.

This ad campaign focuses on the amazing experiences that Nat Geo Expedition has to offer. This campaign is about the times and memories that people can make on these expeditions and make people think about all of the fun things that they could be doing. It contains an Instagram post, a single page magazine, a spread, a banner, and billboard all explaining the different things that you can see on the Nat Geo Expeditions. Hover over the images to see a close up of the ad.

*Disclaimer— this is student work and is not associated, sponsored or endorsed by National Geographic and National Geographic Expeditions.

Project1_JMiller copy-05.jpg
Project1_JMiller copy-03.jpg
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