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Everyone loves a good board game. They bring out people's competitive side as well as bring people together. Some board games force people to work together and others is every man for themselves. Codenames is a board game that requires people to work together. People are divided into two groups and the "spymaster" has to give their team a one word hint that the team then has to work together to guess the codename on the board.

This is a fun game to play with groups of people. My group and I decided to make a digital version of the game that people can play any and everywhere, even if they aren't with their friends. 

My role in the team was to help with the rebranding, conduct research in order to determine the pros and cons of the physical board game and help with the wireframes.

*Disclaimer— this is student work and is not associated, sponsored or endorsed by Codenames or Czech Games Edition

The original game

We decided to rebrand the game. We changed the colors as well as the logo. We got rid of the all caps, changed the typeface and incorporated a magnifying glass in the logo to match the spy theme of the game.

Key Screens

This is the board from the Spymaster's point of view. The bottom right has an ear, meaning the Spymaster can not speak to their team but can listen to their conversation.

The home page includes a picture of the agent, or their avatar, how many wins they have, what level they are on and what word packs they have unlocked.

You are able to add your friends and see what level they are on, what word packs they have and you can invite them to play.

This is the board from the agents' perspective. In the bottom right, there is a microphone to make it easier for the team to discuss the answers.

The game shows you the teams. It then, at random, chooses the Spymaster.

Meet the Team
Kruti Kadkol (SCAD '21)
Emily Horrocks (SCAD '21)
Sarah Ray (SCAD '21)
Peter Chrzan (SCAD '20)
Daniela Bertero (SCAD '21)
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